Monday, June 5, 2023

Simple flutter widget to paint with your fingers

A simple flutter widget to paint with your fingers.


The widget supports:

  • Changing fore- and background color
  • Changing the thickness of lines you draw
  • Exporting your painting as png
  • Undo drawing a line
  • Clearing the whole drawing
  • Check if anything was drawn at all (using `PainterController.isEmpty’)
  • Erase Mode

Some Notes

  • After calling ‘finish()’ on a PainterController you can’t draw on this painting any more
  • To create a new painting after finishing the old one simply create a new PainterController
  • Calling ‘finish()’ for the first time will render the drawing. Successive calls will then return a cached version of the rendered picture


For a full example take a look at the example project. Here is a short recording showing it. Note that the color picker is an external dependency which is only required for the example.