Friday, January 21, 2022

Sample movie database mobile application with the Flutter

Real-world movie database mobile application with the Flutter SDK and DDD clean architecture.

Moving Pictures is a mobile application built with the Flutter SDK for Android and iOS. It’s an application that gets the information of thousands of movies, series, and, actors.

Users can view all movies and series, trending, top, according to the genre, and even add movies and series to “Favorites”. They will be able to log into their account and view their personal “Favorites”. Users can also search for any movie, series or actor.

This project uses the TMDB API but is NOT endorsed or certified by TMDB.
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  • Domain Driven Development clean architecture (DDD).
  • FirebaseAuth for authentication.
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore as backend.
  • Movies, Series and Actors information from the TMDB API.
  • Other amazing Flutter libraries… (BLoC Library for state management, GetIt for dependency injection, Freezed Library for Unions etc…)
  • Design inspiration from Netflix.


  1. Clone the repo to your local computer.
  2. Make sure you have Flutter and firebase installed.
  3. Please add your google-services.json file.
  4. Make sure you have FirebaseAuth and Firestore activated in your Firebase.
  5. The credentials.dart file is intentionaly not included. Create your own credentials file with your own API Keys (TMDB API key).
  6. Open and run the the project with VS Code or Android Studio 3.x.