Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Pull-down refresh layouts in Flutter

SmartRefreshLayout is a library for Android and ios developers that provides a framework for creating pull-down refresh layouts in Android applications. The goal of the library is to create a strong, stable, and mature framework that can be used by developers to implement pull-down refresh functionality in their applications easily.

SmartRefreshLayout’s goal is to build a strong, stable and mature pull-down refresh layout framework, and to integrate all kinds of cool, diverse, practical and beautiful Headers and Footers.


  • Support multi-touch.
  • Support multi-layered nested view structures.
  • Support all the Views(AbsListView、RecyclerView)
  • Support customizing Headers and Footers, and has integrated a lot of cool Headers and Footers.
  • Support synchronous scrolling with ListView and NestedScrolling with CoordinatorLayout.
  • Support automatically refresh, automatically pull-up loading (automatically detect list inertance and scroll to the bottom without having to manually pull).
  • Support customizing rebound animation interpolator, to achieve a variety of cool animation effects.
  • Support setting a theme to fit any scene of App, it won’t appear a cool but very awkward situation.
  • Support setting a variety of transformations (Translation, stretching, behind fixed, top fixed, full screen view) for Headers and Footers.
  • Support rewrite and extension, internal implementation without private methods and fields.
  • Support automatically cross-border rebound for all rolling Views (ListView、RecyclerView、ScrollView、WebView…View).
  • Support the interchange of Header and Footer
  • Support AndroidX


Download APK-Demo

SmartRefreshLayout is designed to be flexible and easy to use, allowing developers to quickly and easily create custom refresh layouts that meet the specific needs of their applications. The library is actively maintained and updated, with new features and improvements being added on a regular basis.