Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Powerful Toast Library for Flutter

A Powerful Toast Library for Flutter. Easily create toast messages in single line of code with leading image options.

Toast Library for Flutter.

How to Use

just add below in pubspec.yaml

flutter_flexible_toast: ^0.1.4
import 'package:flutter_flexible_toast/flutter_flexible_toast.dart';
    message: "Short Loading 2 Sec Toast",
    toastLength: Toast.LENGTH_LONG,
    toastGravity: ToastGravity.BOTTOM,
    icon: ICON.LOADING,
    radius: 100,
    elevation: 10,
    imageSize: 35,
    textColor: Colors.white,
    backgroundColor: Colors.black,
    timeInSeconds: 2

To cancel all the toasts call


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