Saturday, March 2, 2024

How to create Sliding Card in Flutter


Sliding card is a highly customizable flutter package that will help you create beautiful Cards with a sliding animation effect.

Before we start 

Before you start here are some relevant link that you might want to have a look

Quick start

To use the application just import the package

import 'package:sliding_card/sliding_card.dart';

Then inside your code, add the SlidingCard widget.

        slimeCardElevation: 0.5,
        cardsGap: SizeConfig.safeBlockVertical,
        //The controller is necessary to animate the opening and closing of the card
        controller: widget.slidingCardController,
        slidingCardWidth: SizeConfig.horizontalBloc * 90,
        visibleCardHeight: SizeConfig.safeBlockVertical * 27,
        //the card behind the front card can't have a higher
        // hight than the front one  
        hiddenCardHeight: SizeConfig.safeBlockVertical * 15,
        //Configure your front card here
        frontCardWidget: TheFrontCard(),
        //configure your rear card here 

Download Sample APK