Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Flutter plugin to play audio files

Today we are introduce another flutter plugin for accessing sound files from local storage and playing music on android and ios devices.@audioplayer This will be helpful for all developers who intend to create an audio application or audio player.

Using this plugins we can play music from both remote and local file (playing audio from local device is not supported in Web version).Just like other audio player we can handle Stop,pause,seek ,mute etc functionality.There are 3 major event like oncomplete,onDuration,OnCurrentpositions are very helpful for manage overall functionality of application like autoplayback ,display total and current duration in application etc.

This Library is totally opensource and you can download it from Github server.

Online demo



To use this plugin :

      sdk: flutter
    audioplayer: 0.8.1
    audioplayer_web: 0.7.1
  • Instantiate an AudioPlayer instance
AudioPlayer audioPlugin = AudioPlayer();

Audio Player Controls




Status and current position

The dart part of the plugin listen for platform calls :

_positionSubscription = audioPlayer.onAudioPositionChanged.listen(
(p) => setState(() => position = p)

_audioPlayerStateSubscription = audioPlayer.onPlayerStateChanged.listen((s) {
if (s == AudioPlayerState.PLAYING) {
setState(() => duration = audioPlayer.duration);
} else if (s == AudioPlayerState.STOPPED) {
setState(() {
position = duration;
}, onError: (msg) {
setState(() {
playerState = PlayerState.stopped;
duration = new Duration(seconds: 0);
position = new Duration(seconds: 0);

Do not forget to cancel all the subscriptions when the widget is disposed.


 IOS App Transport Security

By default iOS forbids loading from non-https url. To cancel this restriction edit your .plist and add :


Background mode

cf. enable background audio

Mac OS

Add this to entitlements files ( cf. DebugProfile.entitlements )


cf. Flutter MacOS security