Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Flutter plugin for sound. Audio recorder and player

This plugin provides simple recorder and player functionalities for both Android and iOS platforms.


  • Play and Record sounds or music with various codecs. (See the supported codecs here)
  • Play local or remote files specified by their URL.
  • The App playback can be controled from the device lock screen or from an Apple watch
  • Handle playback stream from native (To sync exact time with bridging). [Not sure to understand what it means!]

Flutter Sound branches

We actually maintain two branches for Flutter Sound :

  • The V4 branch (the version ^4.0.0)
  • The master branch (actually the version ^5.0.0)

We do not expect that everybody will switch today from 4.x.x to 5.x.x.

V4 is our stable branch, and will be maintained as long as everybody will not have switch to V5 : in other words V4 is our LTS version (Long Term Support).

Migration Guides

Free Read

Medium Blog. [This link is probably obsolete!]

SDK requirements

  • Flutter Sound requires an iOS 9.3 SDK (or later)
  • Flutter Sound requires an Android 24 (or later)


Here is a guide for Flutter Sound installation

Flutter Sound API

Flutter Sound is composed with 4 modules :

To use Flutter Sound you just do :

import 'package:flutter_sound/flutter_sound.dart';

This will export all the necessaries dart interfaces.

Examples (Demo Apps)

Flutter Sound comes with two Demo/Examples :

  • Demo1 app is a small demonstration of what we can do with Flutter Sound. This Demo App is a kind of exerciser which try to implement the major Flutter Sound features. This Demo does not use the Flutter Sound UI Widgets
  • Demo2 app is an example of what can be done using the Flutter Sound UI Widgets