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Flutter Intro Slider is a flutter plugin

Flutter Intro Slider is a flutter plugin that helps you make a cool intro for your app. Create intro has never been easier and faster


Add to pubspec.yaml file

  intro_slider: ^2.3.3


import 'package:intro_slider/intro_slider.dart';


custom 1
custom 2

Code example

Default config

default config image

Code example (click to expand)

Custom config

custom config image

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Custom your own tabs

custom config image

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Slide object properties

titleString“”Change text title at top
widgetTitleWidgetnullSet a custom widget as the title (ignore title if define both)
maxLineTitleint1Change max number of lines title at top
styleTitleTextStyleWhite color, bold and font size is 30.0Style for text title
marginTitleEdgeInsetstop: 70.0, bottom: 50.0Margin for text title
pathImageString“”Path to your local image
widthImagedouble250.0Width of image
heightImagedouble250.0Height of image
foregroundImageFitBoxFitBoxFit.containForeground image fit
Center widget
centerWidgetWidgetnullYour custom’s widget
onCenterItemPressFunctionDo nothingFire when press center image/widget
descriptionString“”Change text description at bottom
widgetDescriptionWidgetnullSet a custom widget as the description (ignore description if define both)
maxLineTextDescriptionString100Maximum line of text description
styleDescriptionTextStyleWhite and font size is 18.0Style for text description
marginDescriptionEdgeInsetsleft, right = 20.0, top, bottom = 50.0Margin for text description
Background Color
backgroundColorColorColors.amberAccentBackground tab color
colorBeginColorColors.amberAccentGradient tab color begin
colorEndColorColors.amberAccentGradient tab color end
directionColorBeginAlignmentGeometryAlignment.topLeftDirection color begin
directionColorEndAlignmentGeometryAlignment.bottomRightDirection color end
Background Image
backgroundImageStringnullBackground tab image
backgroundImageFitBoxFitBoxFit.coverBackground tab image fit
backgroundOpacitydouble0.5Background tab image filter opacity
backgroundOpacityColorColorColors.blackBackground tab image filter color
backgroundBlendModeBlendModeBlendMode.darkenBackground tab image filter blend mode

IntroSlider widget properties

slidesSlideNo default, requiredAn array of Slide object
Skip Button
renderSkipBtnWidgetButton with text SKIPRender your own SKIP button
widthSkipBtndouble1/4 screen widthWidth of view wrapper SKIP button
onSkipPressFunctionGo to last pageFire when press SKIP button
nameSkipBtnString“SKIP”Change SKIP to any text you want
styleNameSkipBtnTextStyleWhite colorStyle for text at SKIP button
colorSkipBtnColortransparentColor for SKIP button
highlightColorSkipBtnColorColor(0x4dffffff)Color for SKIP button when press
isShowSkipBtnbooltrueShow or hide SKIP button
borderRadiusSkipBtndouble30.0Rounded SKIP button
Prev Button
renderPrevBtnWidgetButton with text PREVRender your own PREV button
widthPrevBtndouble1/4 screen widthWidth of view wrapper PREV button
namePrevBtnString“PREV”Change PREV to any text you want
styleNamePrevBtnTextStyleWhite colorStyle for text at PREV button
colorPrevBtnColortransparentColor for PREV button
highlightColorPrevBtnColorColor(0x4dffffff)Color for PREV button when press
isShowPrevBtnboolfalseShow or hide PREV button
borderRadiusPrevBtndouble30.0Rounded PREV button
Done Button
renderDoneBtnWidgetButton with text DONERender your own DONE button
widthDoneBtndouble1/4 screen widthWidth of view wrapper DONE button
onDonePressFunctionDo nothingFire when press DONE button
nameDoneBtnString“DONE”Change DONE to any text you want
styleNameDoneBtnTextStyleWhite colorStyle for text at DONE button
colorDoneBtnColortransparentColor for DONE button
highlightColorDoneBtnColorColor(0x4dffffff)Color for DONE button when press
borderRadiusDoneBtndouble30.0Rounded DONE button
isShowDoneBtnbooltrueShow or hide DONE button
Next Button (other attributes will have the same
Done button since they are one)
renderNextBtnWidgetButton with text NEXTRender your own NEXT button
nameNextBtnString“NEXT”Change NEXT to any text you want
isShowNextBtnbooltrueShow or hide NEXT button
Dot Indicator
isShowDotIndicatorbooltrueShow or hide dot indicator
colorDotColorColor(0x80000000)Color for dot when passive
colorActiveDotColorColor(0xffffffff)Color for dot when active
sizeDotdouble8.0Size of each dot
typeDotAnimation (inactive dots auto have opacity 50%,
dot active has size bigger than 1.5 times )
enum dotSliderAnimationDOT_MOVEMENTType dots animation
listCustomTabsList<Widget>nullRender your own list tabs (use default tab UI if not defined)
refFuncGoToTabFunctionDo nothingSend the reference of change tab’s function,
then we can move to any tab index programmatically
onTabChangeCompletedFunctionDo nothingCallback when tab change comleted, return the current tab’s index
backgroundColorAllSlidesColorTransparentBackground color for all slides
isScrollablebooltrueForce button-only scrolling
verticalScrollbarBehaviorenum scrollbarBehaviorHIDEAllow to specify how the vertical scrollbar should behave
shouldHideStatusBarboolfalseShow or hide the status bar

Pull request and feedback are always appreciated