Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Flutter-For beginners

Nowadays there are many frameworks available to build mobile applications.

Native app development is a concept to build applications in both android and ios using javascript or other language that transpiles to javascript such as Typescript.

Android provides a native framework based on java and Ios provide native framework based on Swift language.

But there is a problem ? 

If we want to build an application in both IOS and Android we need to know and code in different languages such as java or swift.But it is a difficult and time consuming process.

How to Resolve this problem?

To overcome this complexity, a hybrid mobile app framework was introduced.Ionic,phonegaps are the best example of this type of framework.

For this application normal html is used to build the user interface and Javascript is used to build business logic.Sounds like simple right ?

But there is another problem ?

  • Slower performance and transition between pages.
  • Depends on browser’s speed.

To overcome these issues google introduced Flutter-A high performance Dart language based framework .Its render user interface directly in Operating system canvas .

There are many plugins available on jit to meet our needs.

Features of Flutter

  • High Performance application.
  • Free and open source
  • Fast development
  • Amazing widgets catalogued
  • Easy editor integration with Android Studio & Visual Studio