Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Create New Blazor Project

Blazor is a modern web framework built on the .NET platform that enables developers to create client-side applications using C# and Razor syntax, combined with HTML. It leverages WebAssembly technology to run the application directly in the browser, without requiring a server round trip for each user interaction.

By using Blazor, developers can create single-page applications (SPA) with ease, while also enabling full-stack web development using .NET.

Following way to create Blazor app using visual studio.

In the next window follow these instruction

In the search bar type “Blazor” So it will filter out all blazor templates.

In the next window choose your project name and location of the project .

In the framework section choose latest one, then click Create. That’s it.
It will take some time and create the Blazor Server App with the following file and folder structure.

Now you successfully created a blazor server type project. In the next section, we will discuss the project structure of the blazor application.