Tuesday, September 26, 2023

multiplatform app for spotify API


Elpee is a multiplatform app written entirely in Dart/Flutter. The data is retrieved from the Spotify Web API and the Wikimedia API. I used Firebase for saving the albums to the walls. For state management, I went with the BLoC pattern.

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I wanted to practice with Flutter. I decided to use it for my (future) portfolio and made it open source.

The app serves as a music reference app. It has hotlinks to Spotify and Wikipedia. The user can create their own album walls, kind of like a digital record collection. I put the emphasis on albums, because I like listening to albums front to back, rather than listening to random songs from a playlist. A lof of the context that contributes to the power of music is missed when listening to seperate songs.

What does ‘elpee’ mean

Elpee is Dutch phonetic slang of the abbreviation of an LP record. Like LPs, the main page of Elpee only consists of the album covers. Unlike the famous saying, I do like to judge albums by their cover.

How long did it take to develop?

I started in July 2019 with no mobile application experience. I did have about 4 months of experience in JavaScript and React/Redux. The app was launched in March 2020.

How to run

To run this project locally, you need to register with the Spotify Web API and create an app. Put the Spotify API Secret inside a file named secret.json with spotify_api_secret as the key. Put secret.json on the root level of the app (lib/).

The project also uses Firebase. Follow the Flutter guide on how to set this up. You’ll need to use your own google_services.json file generated by Firebase after creating your project.