Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Best Flutter UI Kits

Flutter UI Kits

This project contains various inspired UI kits purely coded in Flutter framework.

Animated BottomBar (Fancy Bar v1.2.0)

Available as a seprate Package @pub Clone the project here.


alt text


alt text

An animated bottom bar with AnimatedSwitcher.

Sample Code ::

          onTap: () => setItem(3),
          child: Container(
              width: 100,
              height: 55,
              alignment: Alignment.center,
              child: AnimatedSwitcher(
                    (Widget child, Animation<double> animation) {
                  return ScaleTransition(
                    scale: animation,
                    child: child,
                duration: Duration(milliseconds: 250),
                child: pos == 3
                    ? Text('Profile',
                        style: TextStyle(
                            color: Colors.blue,
                            fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
                            fontSize: 18))
                    : Icon(Icons.account_circle),

Wallpaper UI Kit

alt text

Grocery UI Kit

alt text

Designed by Ishan Madushka

Feel free to star and fork the project

I’ll continue to work on this project as im learning the flutter framework. This app is based on a learning course from Udemy with my own customization to make the app look good.


Grocery UI Kit

alt text
alt text
alt text