Monday, June 5, 2023

Awesome Flutter package to creating canvas animations

Flutter package that allows creating canvas animations based on time and math (mostly trigonometric) functions.

The name “funvas” is based on Flutter + fun + canvas. Let me know if you have any better ideas

Repo structure

This repo currently contains the following packages:

  • funvas, which is the actual funvas Flutter package that is also hosted on Pub. Both funvas_tweets and funvas_demo (+ the example package inside of funvas) depend on this package. It contains the basic widget for displaying funvas animations.
  • funvas_tweets is a collection of funvas animations I created and shared on Twitter. The package also contains the code I use to export my animations to GIF.
  • funvas_demo is a Flutter web app showcasing some funvas animations that can be reached at It consists of a selection of funvas animations from the funvas_tweets package. Not all animations are included because some of them might not perform well enough in a live demo :

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